Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why B2B Companies Are Jumping on Infographics Bandwagon

To make infographics the quickest growing type of content on the web, B2B companies are working really hard to help. On LinkedIn, a recent survey was conducted by the B2B Technology Marketing Community, almost fifty percent of people who responded found infographics, an excellent and effective marketing tactic for the content industry. Some of the reasons behind it, are:
  •    Infographic submission sites tell a story. The prospective customers might be interested to hear about how the company got started. You may have got a compelling ‘Then and Now’ story to tell. With the help of the combination of text, data and graphics; the infographic submission sites can tell a story in an engaging and concise manner. They also help in building the brand awareness and provide you the position of thought leader in the industry.
  •   The infographics can explain a hard process quite simply. Consider you are a service provider in the world of B2B. You want to explain a process which clients find difficult to understand. A proprietary service delivery or client on-boarding process or can be the examples. However, taking the help of an infographic to showcase the process visually is more enticing than bombarding the clients with a number of words and explanatory text which is not read most probably.
  •   The infographic submission sites showcase important statistics. You can choose a way to bore your clients with PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and charts which may be filled with statistics or in the other option, you can design an image that explains the same thing more attractively and in a user friendly manner. These infographics bring together a range of statistics to make a concise and clearer argument or otherwise conclusion.
    In case you are ready to join the bandwagon of these infographics, keep the following tips in mind:
  •   Provide graphics and text, both. Your goal should be to describe a service or product using both graphics and words. Together, they will be compiled as a more informative and compelling story.
  •    Make infographics that can go viral. Infographics are more enthusiastically mentioned, linked and shared in blogs and websites. In order to increase your chances of gaining popularity, include in your site the social networking plugins that would make it easy to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, etc. An embed link can also help your infographic go viral.
  •    Let your infographics speak for themselves. Though most of the infographics are related to your product or services, sometimes you can get a buzz going about them on their own. Some of the infographic sites submit infographics as well like Infographic of the day and daily infographic. 

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