Thursday, 10 September 2015

Five Points to Remember for a Smart Infographic Submission

The power of information cannot be neglected in today’s world. However, converting information into knowledge, that is equally easily understandable and recallable, it takes good deal of time and energy. When it comes to hefty information, it is not only hard to assimilate but also hard to memorize. Therefore, with infographic design, you can easily break information into snippets.

This makes things a whole lot easier. Not only can you save your audience from information overload but also help them understand with easy visualization. Infographic designs are designed with considerate soundness, accuracy and comprehension. Infographic designers take into account several factors for information to become useful including right color coding, appealing graphics, content with right frames and statistics. To accommodate all of these considerations in such a manner that no information snippet gets lost in the process is a daunting task. However, here, I am presenting five pivotal tactics to have powerful infographic submission.

1.     Use Flow Charts:
The hefty data in the organizations, hospitals, households, businesses etc are usually complex in nature. Therefore, use of flow charts like bar diagrams, pie charts etc can be highly beneficial. Group all the relevant data and design a chart out of it will convert words into picture in an articulate manner.
2.     Choose The Right Colors And Patterns:
The smart choice of color in an infographic design works as magic potion. Therefore, to keep your readers’ attention to infographic information, choose colors wisely so their attention may not get scattered all over the place. Avoid using extremely highlighting neon colors and light colors because it makes information illegible.
3.     Check Your Theme And Reference Attributes:
Choose the right theme and correct reference attributes. Your infographic theme will tell the reader in a glance about what you actually wish them to know. On the other hand, reference attributes are icons and symbols to add to your presentation. The use of reference attributes is highly recommended if you have large information to present while wanting to keep infographic clutter-free.
4.     Do Thorough Research:
Before you jot down points on the infographic, run a thorough research over available material. Use facts and figures rather than intuition and thoughts. Consider the demographics of your readers and audience and target them accordingly. If your audience comprises of professionals, do not use colorful fonts and unnecessary images.
5.     Connect Your Information With The Topic:
Once you know your demographic, it is advised that you connect the infographic design to the topic as well. If you want to raise awareness on child labor, do not present it in subtle daffodil shade. This shade is linked with joy and happiness which comes in contradiction with your topic.

Thus, you cannot neglect the power of information that is understandable, recallable, and sufficient. Whether you are a marketing manager at a small or medium sized enterprise or at an industry giant, you need to remember that your infographic can be as simple as you want or as complex as you wish. The correct decision can b made on the five tactics discussed above and this will decide how powerful your infographic submission can be.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Infographics Submission – The Best Form of Content Marketing You Can Use

This is the 21st century where everything, in fact, everyone is driven by technology. We are accountable for creating a variety of 1.5 billion content pieces, 140 million tweets and around 2 million videos every day. With this much content hitting the web almost every day, you need to make some effort and use some techniques to get your content noticed and achieve a search engine ranking everyone strives for. Through this article, the information disseminated is going to include a number of ways that infographics submission can be used to get your website content noticed.

If you are somehow not acquainted with the term ‘infographics’, they are a combination of design, writing and analysis that are perfectly suited to a world where new content is the main reason people are attracted towards a particular thing. Infographics are a way to communicate your ideas to millions of internet users every day, visually. When this is done in the right way, businesses are able to communicate complex data in a graphic format that can be potentially viral.
Infographics use deep data and present it in a concise form of visual data that is usually easier to understand by the public. They are an effective and efficient way to combine design, text and images to pass on an intricate idea to the broad public. Since 2010, demographics have been used more regularly therefore, increasing infographic search volumes by over 800%.
As this marketing tool i.e. infographics continues to rise, it is now a goodtime to begin using this strategy in your carefully laid out marketing plan. This can be done using infographics submission. Incorporating infographics will provide your content with a more tempting manner to share graphics, statistics, and images. As simply as it can be said, the more appealing the information is to the public, the more likely it is that they going to stop and read it. The viewers will also help the content reach a wider audience; if one finds it enjoyable and informative, they are most probably going to pass it on to their friends, who will in turn pass it to their friends and so on. This is the very definition of any content becoming viral. Just imagine your content being seen by thousands of potential shoppers! It sounds amazing, does not it?
Human beings are highly visual with around 90% of the information being received daily identified in the form of images more effectively. If we analyze the method deeper, we come up with a reason that the more visually appealing the website is, the more people will be interested in it.
If your website is offering information in plaintext, most people will probably skip over the information or look for another website that serves a similar purpose. Addition of visually attractive images will not only help keep visitors tied to your page through an imaginary knot, but also aid in the possibility of the content becoming viral or/and having the brand recognized by millions all over the world.
Infographics are a valued tool that enables the content to be viewed by hundreds and passed on to thousands more. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate infographics into your current website content. Once you have successfully done that, you will experience more website traffic and longer visitor stays. If you want to succeed in the business, infographics submission is the way to move forward.

For more information, visit Love Infographics. It is a website that helps guide people on how to effectively create a visually appealing infographic and how you can find the user-favorite infographics submission websites. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why B2B Companies Are Jumping on Infographics Bandwagon

To make infographics the quickest growing type of content on the web, B2B companies are working really hard to help. On LinkedIn, a recent survey was conducted by the B2B Technology Marketing Community, almost fifty percent of people who responded found infographics, an excellent and effective marketing tactic for the content industry. Some of the reasons behind it, are:
  •    Infographic submission sites tell a story. The prospective customers might be interested to hear about how the company got started. You may have got a compelling ‘Then and Now’ story to tell. With the help of the combination of text, data and graphics; the infographic submission sites can tell a story in an engaging and concise manner. They also help in building the brand awareness and provide you the position of thought leader in the industry.
  •   The infographics can explain a hard process quite simply. Consider you are a service provider in the world of B2B. You want to explain a process which clients find difficult to understand. A proprietary service delivery or client on-boarding process or can be the examples. However, taking the help of an infographic to showcase the process visually is more enticing than bombarding the clients with a number of words and explanatory text which is not read most probably.
  •   The infographic submission sites showcase important statistics. You can choose a way to bore your clients with PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and charts which may be filled with statistics or in the other option, you can design an image that explains the same thing more attractively and in a user friendly manner. These infographics bring together a range of statistics to make a concise and clearer argument or otherwise conclusion.
    In case you are ready to join the bandwagon of these infographics, keep the following tips in mind:
  •   Provide graphics and text, both. Your goal should be to describe a service or product using both graphics and words. Together, they will be compiled as a more informative and compelling story.
  •    Make infographics that can go viral. Infographics are more enthusiastically mentioned, linked and shared in blogs and websites. In order to increase your chances of gaining popularity, include in your site the social networking plugins that would make it easy to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, etc. An embed link can also help your infographic go viral.
  •    Let your infographics speak for themselves. Though most of the infographics are related to your product or services, sometimes you can get a buzz going about them on their own. Some of the infographic sites submit infographics as well like Infographic of the day and daily infographic. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Ways to Use Infographics Submission

Infographics submission sites
Infographics submission sites

The next big thing in online marketing is generating and designing infographics to be submitted online on websites and social media networks with backlinks of the website. They help in capturing the interest of the customer, attracting potential customers, enlarging the target market and conveying the marketing message to a wider audience.
It is always difficult to present and interpret vast amount of data, which is precisely why infographics submission sites welcome businesses to take their help. 

These infographics submission sites understand the concerns, aims and ideas of the business and then take information from them to use it to generate infographics and submit them online. These sites not only generate infographics but also post it on their own webpages with backlinks, which helps in increasing the traffic on the website of the business. The business can share those infographics on their website and the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, which make it easier for the infographics to be shared in order to reach an even wider audience.
Using infographics is a great marketing idea for most businesses regardless of whether it is a small start up that is building customers one by one or a huge multinational like Coca Cola or Pepsi that is maintaining its vast customer base. 
In a highly competitive market like the one today, where things can change overnight and a new entrant can capture the market instantly, it very important to retain customers and increase the customer base. Infographics help in doing exactly that.
Infographics submission sites take complex data from the website and interpret it to make it understandable and then form interesting and enticing infographics. Sometimes, humor appeal is used in infographics while other times curiosity is used in infographics to entice and attract customers and inform them about the new products and services of a business or any new innovations. Infographics can also be used to keep reminding the customer of the existing products and attract them towards those products.

Infographics are a graphical and visual representation of information in an interesting and enticing manner. It is also a quick way to convey the marketing message of a business by engaging the customers. Infographics are engaging because they have viral components, which make customers share them on their personal social media networks. Therefore, the message gets conveyed to a bigger target market.

Compared to other marketing techniques, infographics are really affected because they can be used on websites, blogs and social media networks. There are several ways that can be used to graphically represent information using infographics. Here are some of them.

A recruiting tool
Designers use this tool to highlight certain skills and visually simplify their careers. Employers often use the recruiting tools to call candidates with appropriate skills that are needed for a particular position.
A presentation of survey data
Survey data can be rather boring and technical, however, infographics can be used to present the survey data in a rather interesting way that helps the audience understand the result in a single glance.

Concept simplification
While conducting a presentation, using infographics can be a great way to simplify rather complex information and data to make it interesting and enticing customers and potential customers.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Infographic Submission Sites | A Better Way to Promote Your Business On-Line
Infographic Submission

A picture can explain the information more effectively than text therefore infographics are adopted around the globe for delivering message and promoting business. Infographics are visual compilations of images, symbols, text and other data divisions which are illustrated using colorcodes, diagrams and other infographic elements in a presentable style.

The basic purpose of infographic is to simplify the complex data into a meaningful story. Corporations are fully aware of the significance of infographic designs to propagate their products and services .To do this various online sites are offering their services for infographic renovation and advertisement to augment your product exhibition on the World Wide Web.
This increases the search engine optimization grading for your website via back links insertion into the infographics which leads it towards your site. Previously strong contents, newsletter send via E-mails and blog creations were considered as dynamic tools for product or service promotions but with the changing era, infographic formulation has taken their place. Hence, Infographics are now boosting up your business by bringing traffic rush towards your website. This is done by grasping more customers and elevating search engine rankings.

Usually readers don’t read the whole material; they just scroll down and take a glimpse of the subject. Infographic provides a precise story for readers so instead of scrolling down they just review the infographic story. The consequence of this moment infographic view makes your material several times more viral than the text Thus; your link is shared very quickly on the social media. The infographics are submitted to info-graphics submission sites. This info-graphic raises the business progress by generating website traffic.

Reasons to submit infographic on infographic submission sites 

On-line subscribers are always in search of attractive data to publish it on their websites. Numerous infographic submission sites are available on-line, which designs infographic for you and simultaneously submit it on their website.
This will widen the scope of visualization and progress of your business. These sites initially examine your business strategies and requirements, and then sketch a well-matched theme to give your infographic the most noticeable structure. These sites use twitter and other social websites to share your infographics, in addition e-mail marketing and other promotional approaches are applied to let your infographic spread on-line.

How to Select a Virtuous Infographic submission Site: 

Submission of your infographic to a reliable infographic publishing site needs a little mindfulness. There are numerous sites promoting themselves. Every one claims that they are the best therefore it is a confusing decision to select the submission website. It is recommended to scan the previous assignments of the submission websites for betterwits.

You can check the quality of their work by reviewing their previous submissions. If you are satisfied with their working style then do not miss the chance of submitting your infographics on that stanch submission site. Submission of infographic to a trustworthy submission site is also less expensive as compared to other promotional techniques. Get ready! To publish your dynamic illustrated story as infographics on one of the renowned infographic submission site to get a fast, viral response.